This is how Bobs's Oven started

I am not an expert cook, but this is how I started 👨‍🍳 

It all started when I bought an oven for my wife after she had been asking for quite a while. But when it came in, I got excited about grilling a chicken. I have another habit of creating video stories of things I do, usually travel. This made me create my first video in my YouTube channel. Watching vlogs is something I used to spend a lot of time on, so I thought why not upload this video and create a channel. That started Bob's Oven, seriously I had no clue on what contents I was going to upload. I thought things I considered while buying this oven would be useful to others, which is how my second video went into the channel. Then I started cooking more and perhaps baking/grilling has become among my pressure busters too. After a stressed out day, cooking something, getting it right and tasting it for yourselves calms you down.

A second thing is video creations. Shoot them, put them together and see them for yourself - wow, that makes you happy. Perhaps this is something I used to do even before starting the channel - a great way feel nostalgic!

I strongly feel, it's good to have some such habits that will cool you off your daily regular work and life.

I am neither a trained chef, nor a person who has gained years of experience from cooking, but I can be an example for many who are totally new to cooking. If you love to cook, that is more than what you need.

And the journey still continues.