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Chicken Tikka in Morphy Richards OTG |

Ingredients :

Chicken - 1/2 Kg (marinated in curd overnight)

Kashmiri chilli powder

Pepper powder

Garam masala


Cumin powder

Ginger garlic paste





Oven settings:

Preheat 230C toast/convection mode - 10 min

230C toast/convection mode - 30 min

For marination:

Add 2 tsp chilli powder,4 tsp ginger garlic paste,1 tsp cumin powder,1 tsp pepper powder,1/2 tsp garam masala,2 tbsp lime juice into a mixing bowl. Add salt to taste and mix well.


Chop chicken and vegetables into medium-sized pieces. Remove inner side of capsicum and tomato.

With the help of a spoon or your hands coat the pieces very well with the marinade. Refrigerate for one hour. Set the marinated vegetable and chicken pieces alternatively in kebab pin. Instead of kebab pin, skewers soaked in water can also be used. Set tikka on top of the wire rack. Bake at 230C toast/convection mode for 30 min.


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