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Chocolate wheat cake and cupcakes in Morphy Richards OTG | Home made |Healthy cake for kids |

An easy to make a basic chocolate cake - made of wheat flour - no maida. This was my first attempt to make cake and cupcakes.


Wheat flour - 1 cup

Powdered sugar - 1 cup

Hershey's unsweetened cocoa - 1&1/2 tsp

Butter - 100 gram (melted)

Salt - a small pinch

Baking powder - half tsp

Baking soda - a small pinch

Curd - 1 full spoon

Vanilla essence - just above half of the bottle cap

Egg - 2

Oven settings

Preheat oven /baking mode 160C for 10 min

Baking mode 160C for 25 min


This is done in a simple method that anyone can follow to make a cake and cupcake. Only one thing, you will need an oven. For me, it took around 1 hour totally.

I have taken a baking tray and spread butter all over and sprinkle some wheat flour on top. You can avoid oil paper. We can directly bake on this.Transfer the melted butter to a bowl and gradually add sugar. Take a fork for mixing as it will help in breaking the lumps. Take two eggs and ground in a mixer so that it will be easier and have a better texture. Add egg little by little to the batter and mix well.

In a second bowl, mix 1 cup wheat flour,1.5 tbsp cocoa powder,1.5 tbsp cocoa powder., 1/2 tbsp baking powder, pinch baking soda, and a pinch salt.Use a sieve to sieve out the dry mixture into the first bowl. Mix it slowly in one direction. Add 1 tbsp curd and half tsp vanilla essence.Preheat oven at 160 C in the baking mode for 10 minutes.

Simultaneously cupcakes can be prepared too.Add batter to close to 3/4 of the cupcake paper as it will rise up. Transfer the batter into the cake tin. Tap the filled cake tin to level the batter correctly. It will help in breaking bubbles as well. In case there are bubbles, you can pop it with a toothpick. Baking mode 160C for 30 min. In between, you can check with a skewer if it is baked.

Enjoy tasty homemade cakes and cupcakes!!!


Add melted butter into a bowl. To this, add sugar in small amounts and mix thoroughly with a fork. Beat the eggs in a mixer and then add this frothy mixture to the bowl in small quantities. Mix well. To another bowl, add 1 cup wheat flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, soda powder, and a pinch of salt. Sieve this mix into the first bowl. Add 1 tbsp curd and some vanilla essence. Mix well

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