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Easy Oreo Cake | Morphy Richards Oven |

This is a super easy oreo cake and needs only four ingredients.


Oreo biscuits -2 x 120 g

Milk -250 ml

Baking powder - 1.5 tsp

Bar chocolate

Oven settings:

Preheat 170C for 10 min

170C Baking mode


Separate cream and break the biscuits into small pieces. Take 250 ml of milk and add three fourth of the milk to the biscuits. Mash it with a spoon. Add the rest of the milk and make it into a cream. Add one and a half tsp of baking powder and mix well. Oil a cake tin and spread butter paper inside it. Add the batter to the container and tap it well. Bake it at 170C in a preheated oven till its cooked. Check it with a skewer after ten minutes. It took 25 min for me.

Meanwhile, add broken chocolate bars to the separated oreo cream. Double boil to melt it. Spread it over the cake. Make sure to cool down the cake before applying chocolate or frosting. You can place three oreo biscuit on top of the cake. It is optional. Finally, grate some chocolate bar and sprinkle it over the cake.

You can boast of having baked a yummy cake at home.


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