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Ghee rice - Neychor | Rose brand Kaima rice |


Kaima rice- 1 cup

Boiled water- 2 cup

Clove-2 nos

Cardamom-3 nos

Cinnamon-1 small piece


Green chilli-1


Ginger-garlic paste

Fennel powder




Wash and drain the rice well. There is no need to soak as it is Kaima rice. Take a vessel with a thick bottom and keep it in medium flame. Add one spoon of ghee and then cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and bay leaf. Add a little ginger-garlic paste, one green chilli, a little fennel powder and then onion cut into small pieces. Add salt to taste. Saute well. Add two cups of boiled water to this and stir well. The water should taste salty. Finally, add rice and mix well. Keep on high flame till boiling and then back to medium flame. Close the lid and keep a bit open. Stir slightly in between. Wait till the water fully evaporates. With a fork, bring the underneath rice to the top. Move it out of the stove to avoid getting overcooked. Allow it to cool. You can remove spices before eating: it is optional.

Try this ghee rice and enjoy!!!

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