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Grape Syrup | No preservative | Home made |

Let us make an easy grape syrup which can be stored in a refrigerator. It just needs two ingredients - juice grapes and sugar.


Grapes - 1/2 Kg

Sugar - 1 cup

You can double the ingredients for 1 Kg of grapes.


Wash the juice grapes thoroughly and then add water to immerse the grapes. Add half a cup of sugar. You can vary the quantity of sugar depending on the grapes. Get it dissolved. Boil in medium flame. Continue boiling until the skin starts to peel off. Turn off the flame. Sieve it into a separate utensil by squeezing with a spoon. Do not blend in a mixer as the seeds will get crushed and give a bitter taste. Transfer it back for boiling in a medium flame. Boil till it thickens and then turn off the flame.Transfer the syrup into a bottle and store in a refrigerator.

Juice Preparation:

Let's make the juice by taking close to one-fourth of the syrup and add water. You can add sugar if needed.


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