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Grilled Corn in Morphy Richards Oven | Easy Recipe | 35 minutes |

It's relatively easy to make grilled corn. Grilled corn is a healthy snack for all ages.





Chaat masala

Oven settings:

Preheat at 200C in toast convection mode for 5 min.

Toast at 200C in toast mode for 30 min.


Peel off the covering of corn. Wash thoroughly and dry. Spread butter over the corn and sprinkle chaat masala and salt. Place a buttered foil paper on baking tray and toast the prepared corn in preheated oven for 15 min in toast mode. After 15 min butter the corn again keeping the oven running to keep the heat. Repeat toasting for another 15 min. Season with chaat masala and salt.


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