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Vanilla Ice cream | Rice flour | Easy trending recipe

Let us make an easy ice-cream at home with just four ingredients. This recipe is trending during the lockdown.



Rice flour


Vanilla essence

Optional: choco chips


Mix half a cup of milk with 2 tbsp of rice flour in a bowl. In a thick bottomed pan, add another one and half cup milk and five tbsp of sugar. Keep it stirring in a medium flame. Add the other mixture when the milk starts heating up. Continue stirring and make sure the sugar is adequate. Turn off the flame when this mixture gets thick. Allow it to cool. After cooled, transfer this mixture into a medium-sized mixer bowl. Add a little vanilla essence ( less than half tsp)and blend in a mixer. Transfer to an airtight container. Cover with film and then close the lid. Refrigerate for two hours. Take out the ice-cream mix and repeat blending. Subsequently, you can add choco chips. Adding choco chips is optional and again refrigerate the ice-cream mixture as previously done for seven to eight hours.

Ready to serve!!!

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